Company Description

The Franolaxy Consulting is a nationally incorporated  with its head office in New Delhi.Franolaxy Consulting has formed various committees for increased participation of the members in developing the franchising industry and respective sectors.

Franolaxy Consulting is an industry association formed about a decade ago, committed to strengthening and promoting the best practices in franchising. Franolaxy Consulting also offers marketing services and networking opportunities that bring together the top creative thinkers and franchise veterans to talk about the most important issues affecting franchising.

Franolaxy Consulting Pvt Ltd is the investment and asset based company , which has wide experience in franchise development, business expansion, corporate advisory services, consultancy, multi-brand integration, financial and operational expertise.

Franolaxy provides the structure to develop, grow and expand various business models and is built around the idea of profitable and sustainable growth through partnering.

The Franolaxy Consulting Is A Nationally Incorporated  with Its Head Office In New Delhi.Franolaxy Consulting Has Formed Various Committees For Increased Participation Of The Members In Develo... Read More