Candidate Verification

Candidate Verification

Candidate Verification

Before short listing the candidate for interview method, conducting candidate verification is should. It's done therefore on avoid all the tutorial, residential and lots of different duplications and permits the clients to hire with confidence. Every candidate that's registered on our info has been in person interviewed and that we concentrate on actions and behaviors, instead of subjective impressions, to create an additional correct assessment of a candidate’s suitableness and whereas verifies all skilled qualifications and work permits for those candidates below serious thought.
We even have associations with numerous on-line testing facilities that supply over one hundred fifty computer-based, adaptation exams in a very big range of advanced technologies to spot the foremost appropriate technical candidates. In order that to confirm the very best quality candidate will be shortlisted.

Why Candidate Verification?
To Hire the correct candidate
For Minimize replacement costs
To Make the workplace safer and more productive
And Prevent fraud and crime

We hear out the brief description from the company in which applicants are working or had worked earlier and understood the skills acquired by the candidate in that company and how much it is relevant as per the requirement of the client. Candidate Review process is done in the account of the length of employment, the position of the applicant in that organization and much other employment-related validation. 

Education check
Cross-check is done regarding the candidate education and any incorrect information directly led to the rejection. Education check conjointly includes validation of awards, accolades or the other special recognition.

Credentials check
The credentials and certificates of the candidates will also be reviewed. All the knowledge provided by the candidate is gathered, formatted then cross-checked with the involved agencies or corporations.

Reference check
The Reference check is quite essential as it is the best way to determine what applicant is really like. Clients’ needs applicants who can maintain data confidentiality.

Address Check
It looks address check isn't therefore, necessary for business purposes, but what if the worker absconds then there's no answer to seek out him however, the verified address information. We tend to help the clients with the physical address verification of the candidate.