JST Business Solutions Pvt Ltd


Company Description

JST Business Solutions is a full range corporate management and support service provider. Our unique approach to the Indian market centres around our ability to offer clients ‘one-stop shopping’ for their business operations. With our local presence and international approach, JST’s team of highly experienced professional employees are able to provide superior services and innovative solutions to our clients.

JST combines ‘state of the art’ technology with a dedicated team of professionals with extensive Domestic and International experience and hence we have a long list of satisfied customers. We have a highly professional team with the necessary experience and expertise required to support international and local companies that conduct business in and from India. 

At JST We come to work every day because we want to make things easier for businesses  with our diverse corporate services. Our day in office is all about making someone from some other office feel happy about what they do. No matter the size, complexity or location of your requirement, JST can provide you with reliable personalized service that you deserve.

​From Cyber Security to Corporate Gifting, Corporate tours to Community Services, from training and certifications to on call technical support we have it all under one roof.Many businesses compromise on the kind of services delivered to them mainly due to lack of options, last minute urgency or even due to higher costs .Our mission is to provide worry free corporate services to our clients with an assurance of our services being fairly priced and delivered as expected. Our vision on the other hand is to expand our services to other countries .

JST Business Solutions Is A Full Range Corporate Management And Support Service Provider. Our Unique Approach To The Indian Market Centres Around Our Ability To Offer Clients &lsqu... Read More