Maven Infotech Pvt Ltd

Eco Space Business Park Block 4A, 2nd Floor, Action Area New Town, Rajarhat Kol - 700-156

Company Description

Maven The word itself signifies quality and excellence.


We identify talent and quality and develop it further through constant training and supervision. Thus Maven Infotech creates some of the most reliable and efficient professionals. We are rated among the top ITES companies offering the best IT services to our clients on a constant basis.


Maven Infotech is expanding its total workforce from 1500 to 10000. Such an expansion would create an abundance of human resource and potential, which would transform the entire face of operations. Apart from expansion plans, the company is also about to kick start the launch and marketing of its Merchant Acquiring and Payment Processing Unit, to seize the opportunities in the field of e-commerce development in India.


Maven Infotech, founded by Mr. Mayur Agarwal, is one of the fastest growing companies in India. It primarily deals with business in e-commerce, ERP Development, Software and Hardware Maintenance, Data Mining, Research and Analytics, Inbound and Outbound Sales and Internet marketing through Business Directory Listings. We are among the leading business development consultants operating with average annual earnings in excess of $16 million. Maven Infotech Pvt Ltd is the flagship company with a significant global presence, along with recognition of being among the top ITES companies.

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Maven The Word Itself Signifies Quality And Excellence.


We Identify Talent And Quality And Develop It Further Through Constant Training And Supervision. Thus Maven Infote... Read More