RTN Propusers Pvt Ltd

Noida 63

Company Description

Propusers is a one-of-a-kind real estate platform, here to transform the real estate horizon in India. We are enabling technology-oriented solutions for real estate stakeholders in India by bridging the knowledge gap through our innovative processes.

Being in the real estate investment consulting business for over 15 years, we have suffered as much as the many real estate buyers in India because of the industry’s bad practice, lack of transparency and accountability.

The industry seems to have hit the crossroads where all the stakeholders seem to adapt with new challenges, all the while retaining the core DNA of bad practices. We at PropUsers see two paths to take from here – either ride the tide or pivot to revolutionizing the industry. For us, choosing the pivot is not an option but an inner felt calling and passion fuelled by the pain of bringing best practice for the buyers of our country who put all their life saving, dreams and future online while purchasing a real estate.

With technology, helping all the industries streamline with user first approach and lead on a right track, we have pledged to democratize the buying, selling and trading of real estate in India. We intend to empower real humans to do trade with fellow humans and facilitate that transaction through technology, trust and seamlessness.

Hence, we have embarked on this journey of creating a tech platform to fulfil the dream of almost every Indian who almost once in a lifetime has faced the pain while trading real estate. As our dream is shaping we are looking for the right partners to support our initiative.