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Bharti S Khanna is a name well known in the field of Occult science and much respected among peers.rom a very young age, she was fascinated by the stars and our solar system and how everything revolved around one another and how they affect humans in one way or another, scientifically as well as astrologically.

Bharti Khanna was born and brought up in the south of India (Chennai) with a rich cultural upbringing and precious values on life, culture and heritage After completing her education in the south she moved to Delhi to join a well-known jewellery Chain, and also got married to a Delhi-based businessman And permanently settled in Delhi, And also learned about the culture of the North.

Bharti S Khanna Is A Name Well Known In The Field Of Occult Science And Much Respected Among Peers.rom A Very Young Age, She Was Fascinated By The Stars And Our Solar System And How Everything Revo... Read More