Ziofy Technology


Company Description

Ziofy Technology is a team of enthusiastic professionals who specialize in communication and marketing automation solutions for business clients. We have developed frontline expertise in the segments of SMS, voice and data solutions that are geared towards allowing the firms to gain optimized engagement with their existing and new customers.

We customize the available technologies of telecom, web, and mobile to match your CRM and branding demands and this is done carefully after detailed assessments. To ensure culminations, our team adopts a broad-based and omnichannel approach that leverages all the available media and channels to establish the connection in a potent and impactful manner.

What makes us different from others is the ability to augment your marketing campaign with the smart functions of automation through which your marketing managers derive objective insights and hence take informed decisions. We are the leaders in metrics aggregation and analytics algorithms generation for the CRM and marketing campaigns.

Ziofy Technology Is A Team Of Enthusiastic Professionals Who Specialize In Communication And Marketing Automation Solutions For Business Clients. We Have Developed Frontline Expertise In The Segmen... Read More