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All Hive Solution has been a leading provider of IT & Software Development Integration, having started operations in 2005.

All Hive Solution Growth Markets portfolio and our success here has been a result of our sharp focus on select corporate & industry sectors, strong track record of successful execution and the ability to deliver integrated solutions across various technologies, skill sets.


Presently we are providing support to 32+ services to help their business mature in their vision to globalize. We bring its global domain expertise within a year of local in-country, knowledge to deliver solutions across IT product engineering and multiple technologies and in the emerging areas of Social Media, Mobility & Analytics etc.

We are equipped with a Professional Teams team of professionals who are adapted with an experience of more than 14+ years in the same area. We are at present providing offline services to our clients with a single platform with more than 32+ services to help their business mature into a well established company with huge loyal customers, also we understand the market / industry challenges faced by you and your company, accordingly we devise new plans and strategies to make sure that all your day to day problems are solved under a single umbrella.

We have strong local teams in the region for helping our customers’ to globalize and adopt newer technologies to enhance their market / business competitiveness.

We help organizations in their globalization journey through our global expertise & experiences, collaboration and efficiency backed by a global delivery capability. Our in-depth knowledge of complex transformational projects and standardization of processes helps our customers’ to enter new markets/businesses.

Supporting Companies in their Goal of Globalization.

Enabling Companies to Improve Profitability.

Delivering industry solutions across latest technology, like Social Media, Mobility, Analytics etc.

We provide a variety of offline services ranging from E-commerce to Health Services. Our aim is to provide all possible solutions to your problems through our website and its 104+ sub-domains portals, currently which are under development mode and few sub-domains portals which will be shortly fully developed portals details are:

E-Commerce, Offer, Grocery, Energy, Entertainment, Health, E-Learning, Events Planner, Matrimonial, Wedding-Planner, Jobs, News, Affiliate, Associate, Business, Consultancy, CSR, Franchise, Spiritual, Donation, Loan, Travel, Real Estate, Legal, Support, Services, Vehicle, Promotion Code, Services, Dating, Crypto-currency ahs Wallet, Crypto-currency AHS Exchange, Crypto-currency ahs Coin and many more. We will expand our worldwide marketplace of sub-domains portals to 104+ sub-domains portals by 1/1/2021 with complete website and software developments for all our 104+ sub-domains portals.

We are looking for a self-motivated, independent person to play a critical role, supporting the company’s end user technology needs and satisfaction.

The Company offers a unique opportunity that encourages creativity and professional growth along with a competitive salary and benefits package including medical insurance, sick leave, vacation, holidays, and many more according to the Multinational Organization and more than beyond the Industry to the deserving candidate.

Position Summary:

These roles are to provide recruiting for the software development technology industry and will collaborate with hiring managers on a regular basis. The ideal candidate has an HR round combined with work experience in screening, interviewing and assessing candidates and that enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. At present we are hiring the following professionals to equip our requirements as earliest possible:

iOS Developer on Android, Mac & Windows Platform for Mobile.

iOS Next Generation Developer.

Windows App Developer.

Web Developer.

Full Stack Architecture Design & Developer (Senior, Middle & Junior Position).

MLM Crypto-Currency Software Developer.

Content Manager (for creating a new strategy).

Content Marketing Manager.

Content Writer (to Create Compelling blogs & Post).

Head of Content (Responsible for planning, developing & Implementing the overall Company content Strategy).

Digital Marketing Manager.

Digital & e-Commerce Manager.

Digital Marketing Manager.

Video Marketing Manager.

Video Editor & Designer.

Video Marketing Executive.

Voice Artist.

Sales Head.

Sales Manager.

Sales Team Leader.

Sales Executive.

Others related staffs.


Brief For Job Position

The Company Profile:

All Hive Solution Has Been A Leading Provider Of IT &am... Read More