Kyros Inc


Company Description

Kyros is a Private limited company with Offices in US, India and delivery centre in Noida. We operate in 3 territories namely India, US and Middle East. We are team of 25+ recruiters covering all the geographies. Our focus is- partnership with our clients in understanding the requirement and delivering value. In India, our efforts are in Consulting, Information Technology and BPO.

We are looking for a competent Recruitment Consultant to assist our clients in finding the best people to staff their business. You will attract candidates, screen them and match them to appropriate positions. Creating recruiting strategies and building relationships are very important duties as well.

Recruitment consultants have the skills of salespeople and head-hunters. They possess sound judgement and communication aptitude. If you also have strong ethics and a collaborative spirit, we want to meet you.

Kyros Is A Private Limited Company With Offices In US, India And Delivery Centre In Noida. We Operate In 3 Territories Namely India, US And Middle East. We Are Team Of 25+ Recruiters Covering All T... Read More