Rising Inventivepreneur Foundation

M501 Guru Harikrishan Nagar, Paschim Vihar

Company Description

Inventivepreneur Foundation supporting innovations and entrepreneurship nationwide through various networking activities, awareness camps, industrial workshops, seminars, conferences, interactive sessions, public address meetings, government liaisoning programs etc. Through these activities nationwide we had directly served lacs of innovators, early age startups, MSMEs and enterprises. Other than government support programs Inventivepreneur Foundation is parallel running flagship national initiatives to support, handhold and create entrepreneurship nationwide.Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industry supporting businesses under guidelines of central government of India & global business leaders. We as a biggest platform handholding entrepreneurship globally with two-way flow of trade and investment worldwide through various Networking Activities, Awareness Camps, Industrial Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Interactive Sessions, Public Address Meetings and Government Liaising Programs. An immersive, experiential learning platform to interact with leading technology companies, business incubators, business investors and other like-minded International businesses. Inventivepreneur is a group of experienced Venture Capitalists, Global Business Leaders, Early Stage Businesses, Innovative Business Ideas, Entrepreneurs, Politicians and Policymakers. Under various initiatives we create new investments opportunities, support and handhold and create entrepreneurship along with government launched programs. We are also active through Indian government relations on a very wide range of issues which impact on foreign businesses. Our premier business members are from Asia and Europe and have strong business expansion interests in trade and investment through co-business relations or new business establishments. Our members includes some of Asia, Africa and Europe’s largest companies with major interests here. We supported thousands of shortlisted businesses with government relations in terms of grant, funding, affiliations, recognition under schemes announced by central government of India.


Under VISION2022 this initiative will add half million new business in country and this movement will create 40 Million new job opportunities in India. “Innovation Marathon” had created a platform where Industry Leaders, eminent business personalities, venture capitalists, aspirants, innovations, new-age entrepreneurs, media, government agencies are working altogether to offer knowledge transmission, handhold support, incubation, mentorship, government liaison, funds assistance, investments, business exposure, national presence, international exposure and media mileage on mass level to 1,00,000 Innovators, Aspirants, Startups, Founders, CEOs, Industrialists every year. This program is designed to upscale businesses on next level like innovations from prototype to final stage, businesses with better business opportunities, large, medium and small firms move beyond theory to practical application of industry best practices and achievement of exceptional results. 

Inventivepreneur Foundation supporting Innovations And Entrepreneurship Nationwide Through Various Networking Activities, Awareness Camps, Industrial Workshops, Seminars, Conf... Read More