Company Description

At  Attainet, we are obsessed with customer trust. Information Security maintains this by guarding the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. 

Our teams focus areas include: security intelligence, application security, incident response, security operations, risk and compliance, acquisitions and subsidiaries, and external partner security. Our mission includes instilling awareness to safeguard all customer and employee data, applications, services, and assets. Our guidance and leadership equip our partners to maintain high security standards. 

We at Attainet Recruitment are proud of our team and of the teams that we have helped to build. The hard part of building the best team is in identifying the right mix of talent, skills, attitude and, personality.  We has a keen eye for identifying all of these, and is proud of its track record in assisting clients recruit the most talented individuals who will add the most value to the team. Recruitment is now a leading multi-disciplinary recruitment consultancy specialising in all levels of Information Technology ,Accountancy and Finance, HR, Office Support, and Commercial recruitment.

At  Attainet, We Are Obsessed With Customer Trust. Information Security Maintains This By Guarding The Confidentiality And Integrity Of Customer Data. 

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