Zealous Services


Company Description

We call ourselves Zealous Services, Which means quality with quantity. Zealous Services was launched in 2007 with a vision to achieve worldwide leadership in the sphere of IT and IT enabled services, we are focused on technological innovations as much as proving true to the client expectations on the current projects zeaolus services is a company where you will find highly competent people along with innovative technology together to provide you the best call centre services, Back office services and Offshore BPO services in the industry. In 2013, Zealous Services launched a unique call centre services model which was enthusiastically accepted by clients. In result today - as a call centre, we have grown with hundreds of clients in our network and we continue to lead the industry.

We Call Ourselves Zealous Services, Which Means Quality With Quantity. Zealous Services Was Launched In 2007 With A Vision To Achieve Worldwide Leadership In The Sphere Of IT And IT Enabled Service... Read More