Company Description

Learneazy is an organization which enhances the skills of teachers. It builds a bridge of knowledge between a tutor and a student. With the help of learneazy you can explore your knowledge out of your comfort zone. We know you are the best teacher at your place but what if you will also be best at other places? So learn easy giving you hand to expand your teaching skills and giving u an opportunity to add up one more experience in your profile. So why to wait? join learneazy today and feel the happiness teaching the European student by sitting at your place.

Our mission is make online platform with the large number of teacher with different teaching skills and convey the knowledge to the students and make a healthy relations between a tutor and student so that each and every student can take a bite of knowledge very easily.

Learneazy provide you the online platform where you can work daily for 1hr-2hr from your place and earn money. Basically you don’t need to learn anything extra for it. You can earn money by exploring your skill which you already have.

Learneazy Is An Organization Which Enhances The Skills Of Teachers. It Builds A Bridge Of Knowledge Between A Tutor And A Student. With The Help Of Learneaz... Read More