Faris Technology Private Limited


Company Description

Faris Technology (F-Tech) offers a range of Software, Applications and websites solutions to the areas of Legal, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Banking, Financial service, Tour & Travel, XML API, GDS Experts in Flights, Car & Hotels, Utilities & Government sectors that helps them in improving efficiency, improving response time and enhancing customer focus.

Technology is just an enabler. The true value of any organization lies in its intellectual capital, its industry expertise, its great idea and its sophisticated core technology. Yet, many firms get distracted by the challenges associated with trying to do everything on their own, including hiring expensive technical expertise, managing and building a world-class development environment, maintaining existing solutions and providing customer support.

The highly experienced team of Managers & engineers, an advanced research and development facility, help provide the best services and make Faris Technology an ideal partner in your product development. Our focus is on cutting-edge technologies in the software industry and the mastering of new operating systems.

Our Story

Since 2013, we have been continuously enhancing the website and application development for our customers locally and globally. We are privileged to have clients of all sizes across various industry verticals.
Browse through our select customer success stories that evince a track record of distinct web interactive marketing success. Although each of our successful implementations represents unique challenges and results, these stories show how we impacted our clients.

The company has higher capabilities in offering web & mobile application development services with its experienced team of engineers and mobile application developers who have access to an advanced research and development facility.  We have experts team for every platform like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm web OS, Windows Mobile, etc. amongst others.

Thus, with the best technology available, the professionals at our company, Faris Technology, provide highly sophisticated product development for e-commerce, custom development, desktop application, mobile applications. Nonetheless, it is the cutting-edge technologies and their applications that distinguish an expert from a novice.

F-Tech offers a great service in the design, development, programming and marketing of your website. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.

We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose F-Tech.

Faris Technology (F-Tech) Offers A Range Of Software, Applications And Websites Solutions To The Areas Of Legal, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Banki... Read More