G7 CR Technologies


Company Description

G7CR Technologies is built on trust, values and commitment. We enable our clients to provide accessible, affordable, accountable care through automation, quality service, timely delivery and smart IT solutions. At G7CR, we are passionate to create great value for our customers through growth and innovation where we enable them to reduce costs and risks, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


G7CR Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in Consulting, Outsourcing, Technology, Cloud Sales & Support, and Corporate Training. We advise, consult, implement, and support using Industry proven methodologies giving benefits on ROI to customers, in deriving advantages to improve various business processes across all major verticals We have a proven record of achieving customer success in various industry verticals like telecom, healthcare, education, IT, travel etc.

G7CR has its headquarters in Bangalore, India and serves across the globe with over 800+ employee strength. We work for, and with our clients to help them transform and thrive in this changing world. G7CR strongly believes that growth and success comes only when you work towards the goals & progress of your clients and employees. It strongly believes that creating value and loyalty with clients and employees is the true “mantra” to succeed. With this G7CR has seen more than 500% growth in size and turnover in past years solely by the “word of mouth” marketing, and today we are one of the fastest growing companies of India.


G7CR Technologies Is Built On Trust, Values And Commitment. We Enable Our Clients To Provide Accessible, Affordable, Accountable Care Through Automation, Quality Service, Timely Delivery And Smart ... Read More