Magna Global HR


Company Description

Any one , who is minimum Graduate , speaks Fluent English and have some previous corporate experience are preferred  for RWA 

Education - No Restriction but minimum Graduation 

Age - No restriction - 18 years to 80 years 

Experience - Preferred in a role that need interacting with people than silent desk job. However it is not mandatory 

Gender - Any however 90% happens to Female 

Environment at Home - you need a quiet  place ( a room - study or bedroom ) that does not have background noise or disturbance while you talk on the phone 

Working Hours - You should be willing to work at least for 5 hours a day. You can choose the time for yourself. The most productive time for the work is 2 PM to 10 PM 

Earning - There is no assumed monthly income - It will all depends on your work. However one can expect to make upto 20000/- per month of regular working for at least eight hours and doing higher end works. 

Any One , Who Is Minimum Graduate , Speaks Fluent English And Have Some Previous corporate Experience Are Preferred  for RWA 

Education - No Restriction But Minimum Gr... Read More