Vana Enterprises Limited


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Vana Enterprises Limited
Vana seeks to become a beacon of wellbeing. Already seen as a path-breaking concept, the retreat is not only shaping Vana's future, but the paradigm of wellness itself. The Retreat offers to the world Vana's unique ability for creative thought, deep commitment to wellness and experiences that transform one's wellbeing.

Our team consists of individuals from various backgrounds, each one dedicated to their field, wellbeing as a whole and Vana's mission.

"Our lives will be an expression of our core belief to be of service and enhance wellbeing."

We aim to take Vana to the forefont of wellness and explore each aspect of wellbeing, offering transformational experiences for its guests and team. Vana will not be an end in itself. Instead, a place to begin the journey



Vana Enterprises Limited
Vana Seeks To Become A Beacon Of Wellbeing. Already Seen As A Path-breaking Concept, The Retreat Is Not Only Shaping Vana's Future, But The Para... Read More