Sharda Consultancy

Kirti Nagar Delhi

Company Description

We are Sharda Consultancy Services, a principal recruitment provider of global repute. Started as a brainchild of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, a dynamic and visionary Chairman, our company was founded in 2011 supported by tons of self-reliance and uphill struggle with a sole mission to emerge as one of the leading recruitment provider. We have been , anchored on values of growth, self esteem, transparency and diversity with a focused vision to move from good to better and to best by becoming the employer of excellence in our industry sector. After facing initial hiccups, Sharda Consultancy has specialized as an 'end-to-end recruitment solutions' firm.

We Are Sharda Consultancy Services, A Principal Recruitment Provider Of Global Repute. Started As A Brainchild Of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, A Dynamic And Visionary Chairman, Our Company Was Founded In 2011... Read More