Vaani Deaf Children's Foundation

Flat No. A4-408, Bharath City, Teela Pipeline Rd, Afzalpur, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

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About the Organization:


 “VAANI” means ‘sound of the soul’, and we work to bring communication and language into the lives of deaf children and their families. Deafness leads to the inability to develop language, rendering these children starved of stimulation; living in silence in a noisy world.


Vaani Deaf Children Foundation is a development organization that works with the prime focus of addressing Childhood Deafness and poverty related issues.  Vaani was created in 2005 and works to ensure the basic human rights of deaf children in a holistic manner. On the ground, Vaani works with the partner organization to strengthen training and services that reach deaf children and their families. At a macro level, Vaani works with the government and public institutions to advocate for better policies for childhood deafness.

We are a catalyst organization. We work with all those who impact a deaf child’s world to bring out lasting and sustainable change. We do this so that deaf children can participate in everyday life just like other children. For more information, please check 

VAANI” Means ‘sound Of The Soul’, And We Work To Bring Communication And Language Into The Lives Of Deaf Children And Their Families. Deafness Leads To The Inability To Develop Language, Renderi... Read More