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Company Description

Himalayan Integrated Institute of Management & Technology has over the years established itself as on of the leading providers of distance education management programs.The college thrives on its focus on adequately preparing students on achieving first time exam success.

Our approach is simple yet effective, and our belief lies in giving students more than just the basics, but instead molds them into employable candidates. It is academic in nature, yet provides practical preparation for individuals in business and management. Ten or twenty years ago, any MBA might have been enough to secure the best jobs. Today, employers want to know where you studied.

Himalayan Integrated Institute Of Management & Technology has Over The Years Established Itself As On Of The Leading Providers Of Distance Education Management Programs.Th... Read More

Telemarketer Job Duties:

Identifies Prospects By Reading Telephone And Zip Code Directories And Other Prepared Listings.

Calls Prospective Customers By Operatin... Read More