Sky Force Security & Alliance Pvt Ltd

Company Description

SFS has been one of the pioneers in the Indian private security industry. Company has been a thought and knowledge leader since its inception. Through the many year of its existence, SFS has endeavored to bring the best security solution to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality and training and strict compliance to intermational standards. Today company has grown into a “Complete security solution provider” offering Manned guarding (MG), consulting & across 06 states.

SFS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, private Limited company. Backed by a trained work force of over 1500 men & 50 banded mangers, SFS delivers premium services with high quality and absolute integrity.

Sky force Group was founded by Sh. Ganga Deen, whose indepth knowledge and rich industry experience of 25 years have enabled us to establish a strong presence in domestic market. Over the last many decades, he has taken the group from a small one-room operation to one of Indin’s largest and most elite service conglomerates servicing India’s best & choicest clients. Sky Force Group today is blessed with the dual benefits of being an organization with decades of professional experience and one that embraces the most morden techniques of management and client focus. It is this unique privilege of marrying experience with modern practices, of old fashioned values of discipline, responsibility and integrity, with world-class technology & practices, that makes Sky Force Group India’s most trusted service provider.

SFS Has Been One Of The Pioneers In The Indian Private Security Industry. Company Has Been A Thought And Knowledge Leader Since Its Inception. Through The Many Year Of It... Read More