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Company Description

DMC Healthcare

DMC Healthcare is a leading provider of community based, Consultant-led outpatient clinics for NHS patients across England. Our mission is to ensure our patients have access to high-quality specialist healthcare in their community.

DMC Healthcare is our UK based parent company.. We are into healthcare services in the UK for about 40 years now providing Services in direct delivery of healthcare ( Clinics and Hospitals ) , Running pharmacies ( Physical as well as online stores ) , Radiology and medical education facilities in the UK

We work in partnership with CCGs and Trusts to design clinical pathways based on area-specific needs and local demand, providing flexible additional capacity, shortening waiting times and improving patient outcomes. In addition to our range of specialist Consultant-led community services, we operate six General Practices, three walk-in centres, a full-service pharmacy and a small fleet of mobile units, all of which sees our dedicated team of 250 staff and clinicians caring for over 100,000 NHS patients each year.

We Operate 10 clinics and hospitals and employ over 250 clinicians in the UK. The head office of the company is in London. The company is owned by Indian entrepreneurs who have been settled in the UK for 50+ years.


The Online Surgery  

The Online Surgery is a web-based GP service which gives you the same experience you would get when visiting your own GP Surgery, whilst sitting in the comfort of your home or office.  We give you access to GPs who can offer advice on varied and wide-ranging issues. The Online Surgery not only offers GP consultation but also offers onward referrals, diagnostic test kits and a vast range of prescription medication.

We are UK Based :-The Online Surgery is a site operated by Doctor Matt Limited. It is registered in England and Wales 

We provide highly affordable private healthcare, backed by one of the UKs foremost primary care providers who have been delivering primary care services for close to 4 decades, prescribing over 300,000 prescriptions a year and employing more than 150 UK based clinicians.

The Online Surgery concept was developed by its Clinical Director, Dr.Helen Webberley, a practicing GP since 1995, in response to the increased need for patients to have access to healthcare expertise from home or work, at a time that suited them.

The logistics and supply chain is managed from the UK. The clinicians that do the consultation are also in the UK. The technology and marketing of the platform is been carried out from India.

Our Services 

1. Doctor consultation
     GP consultation
     Specialty Consultation

2. Prescription medication
     We prescribe and deliver medication for all conditions that can be diagnosed and treated safely online.

3. Diagnostic tests
     Test Prescriptions – We can provide prescriptions for all forms of diagnostic testing; radiology and pathology.
     Test Kits – Patients can buy a range of home test kits for blood, urine and stool testing.


India Office (DMC Healthcare India)

The India office was started earlier this year to cater to the revamp of the doctor matt platform. Its expansion in terms of scope of services offered. The aim is to make doctor matt a complete virtual hospital for patients. DMC healthcare board has realised the importance of India as a potential market and has decided to completely offshore all technology product development.


DMC Healthcare

DMC Healthcare Is A Leading Provider Of Community Based, Consultant-led Outpatient Clinics For NHS Patients Across England. Our Mission Is To Ensur... Read More