Perceptionworld Technologies LLP

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Company Description


Perceptionworld has taken rapid strides to quickly establish itself as a preferred service provider in the ever expanding e-learning and mentoring firmament. Perceptionworld’s primary objective is to deliver bespoke learning, IT infrastructure and Staffing solutions to clients that meet and overcome their unique business challenges.       


Perceptionworld fully realizes the fact that each business requirement is unique in its own way and calls for an equally innovative solution. In this context, Perceptionworld follows an inquiry based methodology to delve deep into the problem area, often working with clients as partners. The end result is not just any viable working solution but one that adds value and transforms existing business processes into a growth oriented mechanism.        


Our Offerings    

The services extended by Perceptionworld can broadly be mapped under the following categories:  


  • Infrastructure Services 

  • Learning Services

  • Interactive and Social/Digital Media Marketing



Infrastructure Services    

The bouquet of infrastructure services that Perceptionworld offers include:        

  • Infrastructure consultancy Services 

  • Managed Services 

  • eLabCloud (our proprietary Cloud Service) 

Infrastructure Consultancy    

Perceptionworld focusses its attention on implementing specific components from the client’s IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) such that their enterprise becomes more responsive to changes in a hyper-competitive business environment.    

Managed Services    

Perceptionworld offers managed services to clients so they can easily overcome their IT infrastructure related challenges and thereby retain their competitive edge in the rapidly changing world economy. Our primary focus is to help clients leverage technology in order to get ahead of their competitors.    


It is a unique “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) environment that allows clients to meet their short term or customized Cloud Computing and Virtualization needs. Clients can utilized this virtual environment to test their newly developed apps and even simulate entire virtual environments before rolling them out for actual implementation.    



Learning Services  

Perceptionworld offers a wide spectrum of learning solutions that can be categorized as:       

  • Enterprise Learning Services 

  • Executive Learning Services 

  • Individual Learning Services 

Enterprise Learning Services  

Perceptionworld assist enterprises to leverage the advantages of effective training so that they can achieve their business objectives. Apart from simplifying enterprise learning systems, Perceptionworld also ensures that the training solution developed by an enterprise is smoothly implemented and operated.    

Executive Learning Services  

Perceptionworld maintains a vast pool of technical and non-technical trainers who have rich industry experience. These trainers impart quality online and offline mentoring to meet the learning requirements of an organization at different levels be it functional, technical, or work place related.    

Individual Learning Services    

Perceptionworld offers industry relevant technical course content that prepares individuals to upskill themselves and meet the specific demands of the tech market. Training programs meant for individuals are rolled out in the form of real-time online learnings sessions or in the Web-enabled asynchronous format through a robust Learning Management System (LMS).    

Partial List of Clients – Education


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    Tech Mahindra

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    Team Lease

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    Interactive and Digital/Social Media Marketing

    We at Perceptionworld offer unique solutions for Virtual Marketing (Interactive and Digital/Social Media Marketing).  This helps in formulating the best results through our expertise. Our expertise in Virtual Marketing includes Website Designing, Social Media Escalation and Search Engine Optimization etc. We understand that Virtual Marketing is all about ensuring the best fit, so that the right advertisement is selected for the target audience. It is not only about creating a website and posting ads on social media, this should include the right behaviour with which we approach to the targeted customers.