Rajasthan Police


Company Description

Rajasthan has the unique distinction of being one of the most peaceful States in the country. Established in January 1951, Rajasthan Police today is a 80,000 strong force which has steadily grown over the years in organisation, equipment, operational techniques, attitude and outlook. Over the past fifty nine years, whether it was the menace of dacoits in the Chambal ravines or the terror of organised criminal gangs or the evil design of spies, smugglers, narco-terrorists and subversive elements from across the 1040 km long international border, the story of Rajasthan Police is a saga of achievements and glory. 

Rajasthan Has The Unique Distinction Of Being One Of The Most Peaceful States In The Country. Established In January 1951, Rajasthan Police Today Is A 80,000 Strong Force Which Has Steadily Grown O... Read More