Yi Chinese


Company Description

Yi Chinese is a recognised international Mandarin Chinese teaching and teacher training centre in Beijing. Based out of China, we are expanding globally with our learning centre recently opened up in Gurugram, India.

The foundations of Yi Chinese were laid with the aim to provide easy and efficient Mandarin study programmes and quality teaching services to corporate organisations, expat families and individuals from around the world. Through an array of Chinese language learning modules and cultural activities, we help our students to improve their skills in commercial and daily communication, facilitate exchange of culture and lifestyle, and provide with a real time platform for practice. Making all of this possible is our capable team of trainers that are native Mandarin Chinese speakers.

YIC(易语国际汉语教育)是一家专业的国际汉语及汉语教师培训公司。总部位于北京,Gurgaon (古尔冈)及 Delhi(德里)为易语国际印度分部。致力为国内外商务公司,家庭及个人提供高效/ 高质量的汉语培训服务。一线教学团队均来自国内知名对外汉语教育专业,统一受训国内一线大学 (北京大学,北京语言大学,郑州大学,复旦大学等),集体备课,致力在最短时间内提高非母语者 的汉语听说技能并研发有意思的汉语学习方法和工具。

Yi Chinese Is A Recognised International Mandarin Chinese Teaching And Teacher Training Centre In Beijing. Based Out Of China, We Are Expanding Globally With Our Learning Centre Recently Opened Up ... Read More