Sumpoorna Portfolio Limited


Company Description

Sumpoorna Portfolio Limited (”Sumpoorna Stock”/ “The company”) represents the equities arm of the Sumpoorna group. The company is a corporate member of both The National Stock Exchange of India Limited and The Bombay Stock Exchange, providing equity broking and research services, and catering to retail clients, domestic and foreign institutional investors. The company is focused on providing products, strategies and services to Corporates, HNIs, and retail clientele. We have a pan-India presence through our various channels, providing clients with the tools and services they need to maximize their investments performance and attracting new sources of capital.

Sumpoorna Stock spearheads the Capital Markets broking division of the Group, which provides services range from offline & online trading in equity, commodities and currency derivatives to debt market.

We at Sumpoorna believe that the technology available today has made it possible to reach out to the every nook and corner of India and give them the high service levels which otherwise, till very recently were available only to a select few. We strive to use the technology and our expertise to make it easier for the masses to benefit from the ‘Sumpoorna’ growth of the capital markets in India.

Sumpoorna Portfolio Limited (”Sumpoorna Stock”/ “The Company”) Represents The Equities Arm Of The Sumpoorna Group. The Company Is A Corporate Member Of Both The National Sto... Read More